The Best Pick-Up Lines For A Hot Girl: 4 Tips To Get Maximum Effect

Man Using A Pick Up Line To Attract A WomanYou have to walk before you can run. Likewise, before you get to bask in the glow of having a beautiful girlfriend, you’ll first need to actually speak to one, and doing this may require the use of one or more of those dreaded pick-up lines.

It’s normal to feel skeptical about these things. After all, you’ve probably heard more than your fair share of cheesy lines. Maybe you can’t even imagine yourself pulling one off. Well, here’s where you’re in luck: turns out it’s not so much what you say, but how you say it that really matters.

At their root, pick-up lines are only there to help you initiate conversation with the girl you’re interested in, so having great chemistry with that person as well as a good delivery can do wonders for your chances.

That being said, all the charm and confidence in the world won’t make lines like “Great legs, what time do they open?” sound good, so here’s a primer on what you should know about deploying the best pick-up lines for a hot girl to get maximum effect:

1. There are three large types of pick-up lines

  1. Flippant lines – Cheeky, humorous remarks that sound more like punchlines to a joke than proper come-ons.
  2. Direct lines – Phrases that convey your attraction directly and without reservation.
  3. Innocuous lines – Small-talk that playfully beats around the bush.

In broad terms, direct or innocuous lines, as long as they’re delivered with conviction and honesty, tend to work better on women who are seeking long-term relationships, while the flippant approach works best for casual flings. Of course, every woman is different, so go with the one you feel most comfortable with and see what happens.

2. Whatever you decide to say, try making it sound funny

They say laughter is the best way to a woman’s heart, and it’s true. Always try and put a humorous spin on your pick up lines, and don’t be afraid to joke around at your own expense. Women appreciate someone who is confident enough to poke a little fun at the whole dating routine.

3. Be observant

A great way to avoid canned pick-up lines is by taking a good look at your surroundings before you open your mouth. You might find something peculiar in your vicinity that is worth directing her attention to. Or you might catch a glimpse of whatever activity she is currently involved in, be it jogging or reading, and comment on that in a way that makes you seem both curious and genuinely interested at the same time.

4. Avoid sex talk

There’s a difference between being direct and sounding like a douchebag. If you’ve just casually struck up a conversation with a stranger in a public place, then she’ll already be aware of your intentions. There’s no need for pervy come-ons. Women, even the more sexually open ones, usually prefer being eased into the seduction game rather than being merely objectified.

Of course, people tend to get better at using pick-up lines the more comfortable they feel. So always be mentally ready to engage a hot girl if you see one.

The beautiful thing about men and women is that they’re both just waiting to be found, so there’s no reason to be ashamed about going after what you want. Who knows, you might just end up getting it.

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